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Membership Benefits:


Invitation to all events hosted by the KGPA (ABGA shows, Seminar, Goat Sale) & discounts to these events.

FREE Classified Ad listing on this site.

Bi-monthly Newsletters.

Opportunity to meet local producers in your area.

Youth: Scholarship opportunities with a chance to win a FREE fitting stand or livestock blowdryer. 

Adopt A Kid Program giving away a FREE registered, show quality doe kid.

Membership Fees Are:

$10/year - Adult

$15/year - Family/Ranch

FREE - Junior (must be under 19 on Jan. 1st)


Members are listed in alphabetical order, by state.  Use the search button at the upper right of the screen to search.  Farm names, breed of goats raised, county in which breeder is located,  etc. can all be accessed through the search button!  If you are looking for breeders with websites, simply type website in the search box & all the breeders in every state with a website will be listed alphabetically.



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