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Code of Conduct

Members of the KEYSTONE GOAT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION shall at all times conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. Their conduct as members of the KGPA shall always reflect the highest standards of honor and dignity to promote the advancement of the KEYSTONE GOAT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION.


Responsibilities of Association Members
 The health, safety and welfare of others must be respected at all times.
 Members should be responsive, professional and honest in all dealings and communications
 Members shall comply with applicable governmental regulations
 The integrity of the KGPA will be kept at the highest standard. Members shall abide by all Association rules, regulations and decisions.
 Members shall conduct themselves and their business dealings with the public and other members of the KGPA in a professional, honest and sincere manner. Care and respect for property, personal and institutional, is expected at all times.
 Appropriate language and behavior are expected at all times. Profanity, foul or abusive language inflammatory statements, derogatory comments or physical altercations toward any group or individual is prohibited.
 All behavior or language of a sexual nature at meetings or events is inappropriate and unacceptable. Dignified and respectable behavior is expected at all times from youth and adults.
 Possession, distribution or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs at meetings or public events is prohibited.
 Theft and or possession of missing property is prohibited.
 With the well being of all persons in mind, smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited at meetings, or events.


Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
 Develop and present the membership a Code of Conduct consistent with the Association’s Bylaws.
 Review the Code of Conduct annually and advise members of all changes
 Receive, evaluate and assist in the resolution of complaints presented against Association members
 Use the Association By-Laws and Code of Conduct as a guide in reviewing and evaluating complaints against any Association member(s)
 Determine and carryout appropriate actions as indicated based on the Code of Conduct related to any unresolved ethical complaints against members.
 When appropriate and by affirmative unanimous vote of the BOD, take disciplinary action against a member, including suspension or revocation of the member’s participation in Association events or membership status of
such member if, in the judgment of the BOD, such disciplinary action is in the best interests of the Association.
 The BOD will notify the member in writing of the grounds for suspension or removal from membership

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